Presenting a new series here on Rooftop Reading the blog and the YouTube channel! This series will be the teacher resource series and will provide early childhood educators with a go to spot to find books, fine motor activities and gross motor activities for certain themes in their classroom.

Each resource post will include:

  • A Story Time session of one book in video format
  • Finger Play Songs (Fine Motor) and Movement Songs (Gross Motor) that fit the theme
  • A list of themes that can be associated with the particular book

Since I started working at the Thinkery in Austin I realized that I really loved doing Story Time for kids and parents and I wanted to bring the option of an outside source to early childhood classrooms that might not be able to bring in programs to do that.  I also wanted to give early childhood educators the opportunity to use books that might be harder to find, might be more expensive or might be ones that are brand new and they haven’t had the chance to acquire them yet! I will be starting this series with one of my favorites which will go up tomorrow.  In the mean time if there are books that you have been wanting to get your hands on let me know!  Please feel free to share this with teacher friends and get the word out!