CAN I GET SOME MORE? | Prequel Edition

It has become apparent to me since I moved and only brought a sparse amount of books with me, that most of my books NEED prequels.  Of course I want sequels for some of them also but I find that sometimes getting some back story that is explained more thoroughly is much better than having a plot that is drawn out through two books.  So here are three books that I think the authors should write prequels for.

1. Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern


This book has been on my Top 5 Must Reads list ever since I read it a couple of months ago.  While the plot is mildly confusing when you first pick it up, there are so many cogs and pieces that bring this story to be the masterpiece that it becomes.  A couple of times throughout the story it is mentioned that Hector and the Man in Grey have had a competition like the one is this story in the past.  We also meet one of the people involved in a previous competition when we start meeting the performers for the circus.  I have been craving more from this author, even though it appears that this was her one and only book.  I think it would be perfect to do another book revolving around either more information on the Man in Grey and Hector (seriously how did those two meet?!) or revolving around the competition that occurred before Celia and Marco came together.  I can’t be the only one waiting for another book from this amazing author!

2. Impossible by Nancy Werlin


While we did get a sequel to this book (Yay more information on Fenella!) I personally think it would be interesting to hear the story of Lucy’s mother.  We see her briefly throughout this story but we only get a glimpse of the woman who has gone insane due to the curse on her family.  We don’t see her struggle, we don’t see her form a bond with the family that took in Lucy and we don’t see her slowly going insane.  We only see the end result.  It would be very interesting to see a different side of the story, one that didn’t end with a happily ever after.  I always like seeing books where you see a darker side of a character and things don’t always work out the way you think they should.  I think it would be interesting to see what kind of character Werlin would make Lucy’s mother out to be before she lost her sanity to the curse.

3. Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling


Every HP fan always wants more of the wizard world in their life.  I will never be satisfied with only having 7 books in the series and will always want more sequels to watch the next generation enjoy.  But I have to admit I’m especially curious about what life was like at Hogwarts for James and Lily Potter.  What was life at Hogwarts like for Snape?  We got a brief glimpse into their lives as teens in one of the books, enough to know that James used to bully Snape, but I really want more.  Especially considering their lives may have been very different without the incredibly real threat of Voldemort.  It would be an interesting read and it would make my little Hufflepuff heart very happy.

While these are only my top three favorites, every time a read a book I’m always curious what the world was like for the older generations represented in the book.  What was life like for the grandfather in Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children?  What was life like under the Mad King in the Game of Thrones world? So many questions and not enough books!  What prequels do you want to see?


Anticipated New Releases | October

This Thursday is all about new books!  Now a good portion of the new releases this month of ones that are part of a series or trilogy that I have sitting on my shelf (seriously I need to get better at reading all of those), but some of them are stand alone novels or intros to new series.  I have a long list of new releases for October but here are my top 5!


1. Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography by Neil Patrick Harris


As a kid everyone loved the choose your own adventure books, at least I know I did.  They allowed me to kind of be the writer for once and experience my own story in my own way.  Which honestly was really cool for a kid who loved books and fantasized about writing her own someday.  Neil Patrick Harris combined two of my favorite things in one area and I for one couldn’t be more excited.  It will be very interesting to see how his take on the choose your own adventure books pans out in autobiography form!

2. Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch


It’s the year of circular cover themes in fantasy land!  While the circular theme has been circling (wooo for puns in the blog) it’s way around YA novels like Divergent and several others, I really enjoy the take this author has given it.  My inner cover snob is jumping up and down because this cover is absolutely gorgeous!  The plot for this book sounds amazing too.  This book has a kick ass female lead who decides to take her destiny in her own hands, even though ultimately she might have never been the one controlling it.

3. As You Wish: Inconvieable Tales From the Making of Princess Bride by Cary Elwes, Joe Layden and Rob Reiner (Foreward by)


Wesley my love!  You’ve come back!!  Princess Bride is one of my all time favorite movies and if you haven’t seen it I highly recommend that you check it out!  Seriously this movie had it all.  Romance, pirates, murder, weddings, true love.  You name it, it had it.  I’m so pumped that this book is coming out to shed some light on the making of the movie.  Especially due to the fact that the main writer is Cary Elwes, one of the main stars of the movie.  I cannot contain my excitement for this book!

4. Even in Paradise by Chelsea Philpot


This book sounds like an amazing contemporary.  Now I’m not entirely sure what this book is about but the cover was what initially caught my eye.  I know its a contemporary and from the looks of the cover it looks like it might be just the summer contemporary that I have been looking for!

5.  Kiss Kill Vanish by Jessica Martinez


Valentina Cruz no longer exists.  If that doesn’t grab your attention I don’t know what will.  This book sounds fantastic!  I hadn’t heard of it until I was scrolling through Barnes and Noble a couple weeks ago and I’m so excited for this book.  Valentina is a girl who has witnessed something unspeakable, a crime committed by the two people who are closest to her.  This book sounds action packed and brilliant and I will definitely be getting it on my shelf as soon as possible!

Top 4 Most Wanted Sequels

I will be starting to do more regular vlog posts that will happen every Tuesday (this may switch to bi-weekly once classes start again).  This also means that I will be posting more regular blog posts as well (these will occur without video and will be on Thursdays!).

This weeks video is about books that I wish had sequels or prequels!  Share with me down in the comments below if you have books you wish would have expanded into a duology or a series.