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I’m here to bring you another wonderful book blog tag!  This tag is the Book Life tag and it was created by Jayne over at Booking Awesome. I was tagged to do this by Alma from Diary of a Booklover.  So let’s get started!

1. Who would you like to be your parents?

I would have to say Molly and Arthur Weasley!  These two are so incredibly brilliant and teach there children so well.  They embrace everyone into their family while also being obsessively protective over people who they consider family.  Also badass Molly in the last book is just magical.  Literally and figuratively.

2. What book character would you like to have as a sister?

Dylan from the First Comes Love trilogy.  The fact that Dylan is so adventurous and outgoing would be awesome.  I love the fact that when she sees something that she wants to do she just does it.  I also think she brings out the best in everyone around her and that would be a great quality for a sister to have.

3. What about a brother?

Maybe Fred or George Weasley?  I kind of just want to be adopted into the Weasley clan.

4. What animal would you like to have as a pet? This animal can exist in real life or can be a mystical creature like a dragon and does not have to be the pet in a book.

Horse. Or a unicorn.  Anything that resembles a horse is something I would definitely be game for.  I’m a horse obsessed girl what can I say?

5. What book location would you like to live in?

I would love to live in Ysabeau’s “castle” from the Discovery of Witches trilogy.  Seriously the library in that place sounds massive and amazing!

6. What school form a novel would you like to be enrolled in?

I grew up on Harry Potter and want to be an honorary Weasley child.  Is it really a surprise to anyone when I say Hogwarts?  I’m still waiting on my letter.

7. Pick a fictional job.

This is a hard one.  I think maybe a tattoo artists for the Dauntless?  Maybe?  I’m not really sure on this one.

8. Best friend?

Hermonie Granger or possibly Diana Bishop.  Both women are smart, independent and exceptionally strong.  I would definitely say that these are two of my favorite female characters in books.

9. What book character would be your worst enemy?

Any of the council members from the Discovery of Witches trilogy.  They represent ignorance and the idea that if something isn’t really that broken it shouldn’t be fixed.  They are the old fashion counter part is a book about embracing new things.

10. What book character would you pick as you boyfriend/girlfriend?

Matthew de Clermont.  That man is just terribly attractive and very protective not only over the woman he loves but all of the women in his life.  Even though he can go a bit overboard at times he is only doing it because he doesn’t want to lose them.  Which is a sweet and admirable characteristic for him to have.

I tag all of you guys to do this post!  If you decide to do it leave a link in the comments below so I can see what your book family would look like!


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The social media tag was created by faultydevices and there is a link to her channel and video in the description so you guys can check out the original video!  I was not tagged in this challenge but it looked like fun so I did it anyways!  I CHALLENGE ALL OF YOU and want to see some response videos for this tag or some comments about what books you would pick for these categories! 😀

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