Out of all of the books I’ve read recently I would definitely say that First Comes Love was one of my favorites! I was very lucky recently to get an interview with Katie Kacvinsky, the author of the First Comes Love trilogy and the Awakened Trilogy.  You can find her books on Amazon and at some local bookstores!


What are the 5 words you would use to describe your writing style?

Random, quirky, inspirational, descriptive, emotional

I really enjoyed the soundtracks you put out for your books.  Which of the soundtracks you have created for your books is your favorite?I really like the soundtrack to MIDDLE GROUND. I listened to a lot of techno/electronic music while I wrote that book and I discovered some good songs.

Which character from the Awakened or First Comes Love trilogies was the most fun to write?Dylan! She is up for anything. She is capable of anything. She reminds me to be a good person and enjoy life. I get so inspired when I’m writing from her perspective.

What made you decide to switch from the dystopian themes of Awakened to the more contemporary themes of First Comes Love?

It was really an accident. I was taking a break from working on AWAKEN edits and I wanted to write something simple and fun. I gave myself a creative writing challenge to write from the guy’s perspective and a week later, I had finished a rough draft of FIRST COMES LOVE. I think my best writing happens when it is unexpected like that.

As a traveler, out of all of the places you’ve been which has been your favorite?

I love traveling alone. I see so much more, I notice so much when I’m by myself and more thoughts and observations sink in. My favorite traveling companions are a camera and a journal. I would say my favorite place to visit so far was Germany. I was by myself, walking along streets in Munich and Fussen and just absorbing the people and the culture. I filled up an entire journal of thoughts in just two or three days. I was so inspired.

Are you working on any new books right now? Can you tell us about them if you are?

I am currently co-writing a NA book with a close friend. I am also finishing up an original screenplay. No news on when/how/where these projects will end up. Right now I’m just enjoying the writing process and we’ll see where it takes me.