Reasons To Read | Banned Books Week

This week is banned books week.  All over the world and throughout time books have been banned or challenged for the content they house.  Books like Auldous Huxley’s Brave New World and Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games are on the list of books that parents and community members have expressed concern about.

Some of the most popular reasons for a book to be challenge are:

  • The content is unsuited for the age group reading it
  • There is sexually explicit content
  • There is violent content
  • The book contains scenes of drug and alcohol abuse
  • The book represents and ideal that is anti-family or anti-ethnic (what does anti-family even mean though!)

So this week I decided to focus on my Top 5 Favorite Banned Books on my vlog and my top 5 reasons to read on here!

1. Reading allows people to explore new cultures and religions.

Lets be honest, most of us will never be able to be world travelers. I have dreamed of standing in Monet’s garden and under the Eiffel Tower since I was a little girl.  Books have allowed me to travel to the Eiffel Tower in spirit.  Especially for young children books open up the world in ways they could have never imagined.  As for the religion aspect, this one is self-explanatory.  People learn about other cultures and religions through many things like art and books.

2.  Books create a safe place for children and adults alike.

One of the major reasons I got into reading as a child was to escape from reality and be free to dream.  Books remove the boundaries we place on each other and allow people to soar and be free.  Reading creates a “safe world” where bullies, parents and the stress of life don’t exist.  This is definitely something that plays more into the life of children than adults I think.  Children can use reading to free their minds in an environment that won’t judge them for their thoughts or dreams.  A book cannot judge you for what you feel or think while reading it’s pages.

3. Reading fosters dreaming.

This point goes right along with the last one.  By creating a place where children feel safe and adults don’t have to worry about the stressors around them, we are free to dream and create.  We can be a world class jockey riding Man O War, we can be a wizard at Hogwarts.  We can be the explorer in the wild or the girl experience love and their first kiss.  Reading allows us to open our minds and share thoughts and feelings we might not have otherwise.

4. Books foster acceptance and love for different lifestyles, including things like religion and sexual orientation.

I am incredible passionate about the fact that books bring children and adults face to face with lifestyles they might not encounter in everyday life or lifestyles that they might not be educated about.  Books allow children to be exposed to the idea that everyone is different and that is okay.  Literature teaches adults that people are people regardless of their choices and every human deserves basic respect.


Does this one really need any explanation?


These are my reasons for reading and why I think it’s so important that everyone all around the world be exposed to literature and why authors shouldn’t be reprimanded for exposing readers to new and interesting things.  Sound off below on why you think reading is important!



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