Goodreads Review: 4/5 stars

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In the world of dystopian sci/fi novels, E stands out as a wonderful literary piece.  This book focuses on Eden, a smart and determined girl who is stripped of her memory and thrown into this dystopian world.  Forced to survive she does what she must to make a life for herself.

I feel in love with the main character Eden.  She’s strong and badass and does what she must to make sure she doesn’t fall victim to a world where every move could get you killed.  Wrath does a brilliant job creating a dark dystopian world that develops around the reader and makes them feel like Outpost is coming alive around them.  Although the reader personally isn’t experiencing the trials and tribulations (at least I hope they wouldn’t be), its easy to get sucked in and attached to the problems they are having.  You find yourself rooting for the characters and crossing your fingers that nothing happens to them.  I loved the fact that although Eden was the main character, the other characters in the story didn’t feel like they got left behind.

I’m very happy that I got a chance to read this book and can’t wait to get to the next in the series!



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