BOOK REVIEW: The Homeland Directive




Goodreads Review: 5/5 stars


The Homeland Directive is a graphic novel that brings up issues regarding national security, information availability, how much personal information the government should be able to access and whether or not information is ever really erased from the internet.

This graphic novel was jam packed with information, action, and some amazing artwork by Mike Huddleston. In fact one of the things I really enjoyed about this novel was the fact that each setting had its own color scheme. The White House, the Department of Homesec, when the characters are on the run and the cities that are mentioned later in the novel. Everything had a distinct color scheme that distinguished it from the rest of the places that appeared. The other aspect that applaud this graphic novel for was it’s character development and how it introduced new information to the reader. Although this is a relatively short graphic novel, the amount of character and plot development is intense. Each character is introduced and brought to life in a matter of only a couple panels. Also when the character bring in new information, particularly information relating to government security measures, it doesn’t feel as though the reader is being bombarded. It feels as though the information is being told and explained to a competent adult who is interested in what everything means.

The only problem that I had with The Homeland Directive was the fact that there was a lot of action build up and then the resolution just fell a bit flat. It felt like there was going to be some huge revelation or some giant end point but I didn’t feel it was actually there. I felt more like the book should have continued on into another one or done something to make the suspense last a bit longer. I will say that although I thought the end fell flat a bit, it was not a BAD ending, it just wasn’t what I wanted it to be.

Overall I would still recommend this graphic novel and am quite happy that I chose to pick it up!


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