E-Books or Traditional Books?

Welcome to the first regular Thursday post here on Rooftop Reading!  I’m excited to announce that these posts will be happening every Thursday and will switch between more serious ones like this and more goofy fun posts (because no one wants to read a lot of serious boring junk!).

For this week the topic is ebooks versus regular traditional books.  As someone who does own a Kindle, and is used to using both traditional books and ebooks, I still find myself partial to the traditional style books.  I prefer feeling the books in my hands to that of the e-reader.  I like to go shopping for older vintage books because the smell of walking into a store full of old books is pretty fantastic.  Don’t judge me I know that I’m not the only person out there who has ever smelled one (or possibly more) of her books.

I read an article from Scholastic recently that compared ebooks with print books and I agree with one of their main arguments for print books and honestly this is MY biggest argument for them as well.  They argued that print books allow a child to fall in love with reading more so than ebooks because of technology resitrictions.  Now this isn’t so much an issue with adults (I could be wrong here but I’m assuming adults have control over their own technology usage), but with kids parents tend to be a lot more controlling over how much technology their kids use a day.  If the only type of book a child has access to is an ebook the parent might be cutting their child off from developing a love of reading.  With print books they can read as many books as they want whenever they want.  It allows kids to have an adventure and parents to help their kids escape from the web of technology surrounding them.

Now before you think that this post is bashing ebooks just give me a second.  I LOVE my Kindle and honestly think it’s made life as a book reviewer 100x easier!  It means that when I get review books I can upload them to a place where they wont clutter up my shelves and they are easier to carry with me so that I can read a bunch of them at once.  Having an Kindle, or any other type of e-reader also allows me access to books that I might not be willing to spend the $20 on for a hardback but would be willing to spend $5 on for a digital copy.  The Kindle allows readers who travel a lot more to have an arsenal of books at their finger tips and let’s be honest as adults who are moving around, working, and traveling that’s definitely a bonus.


Both e-readers and print books have their benefits and their downfalls.  Ultimately is comes down to personal preference as either way you end up supporting amazing authors who put out wonderful books.  What are your preferences? Ebook or print book?  Sound off below with your opinion!


4 thoughts on “E-Books or Traditional Books?

  1. Now I love the smell of a good book just as much as the next person, but I absolutely adore my Kindle. The main reason being, like you mentioned, I travel a LOT for work, and not having to pack 3 additional pounds of books in my suitcase is a definite benefit. Whether you like traditional or e-books, the most important thing is that you are reading either way!

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