BOOK REVIEW: Stuck in the Middle With You



Review: 4.5/5 Stars

Stuck in the Middle with You is a book that addresses the stigmas and stereotypes that surround transgender people and the transition that occurs within a family when one member (or more) determines that they are not the gender they were born.  Jennifer Boylan not only provides stories from her one life but also provides stories from other families that might not be viewed as traditional.  
I loved the fact that in our society, where there are STILL stigmas over non-traditional parenting situations (like same-sex or transgender parents), Boylan was able and willing to share her story and show that good and honest parenting isn’t necessarily dependent on the gender of the parent.  The book shows that the way we parent our children reflects more on how we view ourselves and our morals and values rather than our gender.  
This book proves that our society should be more geared toward parenting that helps children be happy, healthy and loving and accepting towards other people is better than clinging to an idea that parenting should stick with tradition and not branch away from what is sometimes perceived as the norm.


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