Last week there was no Wishlist Wednesday but this week I’m back with a new book that I’ve been dying to get off my Wishlist and onto my shelf!  Wishlist Wednesday is a blog hop that is hosted by Pen to Paper!  As with every week if you would like to join and do a Wishlist Wednesday post of your own feel free and make sure to comment below so I can see what books you guys want to read as well!


This Weeks Book is…

Last Chance (Bite) by Sarah Dessen


One of the first contemporary YA authors that I started reading was Sarah Dessen.  I’ve grown with her books and found new and amazing books that I love by her.  I thought I had almost all of them in my possession when I stumbled on this one on Amazon.  I didn’t even know this book existed and apparently it is one of the more elusive Sarah Dessen books!  I have yet to be able to find it any place other than Amazon and a possible copy on Abe Books.  I adore Sarah Dessen’s writing style so I’m astounded that I didn’t just buy this book when I found it!

Synopsis from Amazon:

Never in one place long enough to make friends or put down roots, Colie doesn’t expect her trip to the North Carolina coast to change a thing. Always the outcast, she’s resigned to a holiday with only her eccentric aunt Mira for company. But when she finds a job waitressing at the Last Chance cafe, she also finds acceptance, new friends, and the beginnings of romance..


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