BOOK REVIEW: The Book of Life

16054217Goodreads Review: 5/5 Stars!

The Bishops and Clairmonts are back in this action-packed finale to the All Souls trilogy!  Diana and Matthew have been through hell and back both in their present time and in the past, and now more than ever they rely on finding and putting together the Book of Life.  As forces collide to try and prevent Diana and Matthew from achieving their goal the two prove that family and love can overcome anything (I know that sounds gag-worthy). 

Diana is one of my all-time favorite female protagonists. And I was really wary that going into this book her spunk and passion was going to get watered down.  But I was so incredibly happy with my favorite main character!  So adventurous and daring spirit is such a draw to me as a reader and I adore that Harkness is willing to create a female character who takes center stage and does so in a blazing fire!

One of the big draws for me for this series was the fact that there are no background or secondary characters.  Each character has their own story and spark that brings new life to the All Souls trilogy.  Everytime a character is introduced instead of making the story more complicated and tangled, they add a layer and shed light on something special about the other cast of characters.

I’m so sad that this trilogy is officially over but I loved this ending and can’t wait to see if Deborah Harkness writes anything more after the All Souls trilogy!


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