BOOK REVIEW: Ask The Passengers

13069935Goodreads Review: 5/5 stars

Astrid is a girl who is struggling through finding herself and she’s doing it alone.  She’s doing it alone because she feels as though as can’t trust anyone else in her life not to push her in a direction or tell her that her thoughts are wrong.  So instead Astrid tells the people 30,000 feet above her in an airplane her thoughts and feelings.

This book deals with the issues of finding yourself, coming out, the LGBTQ community, stereotypes, bullying, forgiving yourself and learning to love who you are.  It presents the fact that we as humans need to be more accepting of others and not become the people in the cave (if you’ve read Plato you’ll get that).

Through a beautiful writing style that is honest and truthful, A.S. King sheds light on a topic that is not new but is still controversial.  I adored the fact that in her conversations with the people on the plane, they responded to her.  Their stories gave her an answer to her question.  And it brought up more topics that deal with relationships and forgiveness for mistakes.  I was ridiculously happy that this book was written in a way that expressed a view that accepted everyone whether they are black or white, gay or straight, fat or skinny.  It expressed the idea that people gossip but it’s not the end of the world even though it might feel like it.

I could go on for days about my feelings for this books but I think the quote from Lauren Myracle on the cover pretty much says it all.

“So special and perfect and true and right…I’ll hold it in my heart forever.”


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