The Post Where I Admit I Have A Problem (Maybe Not)

So over the past two months I realized by watching my book haul videos (and examining some books that I haven’t hauled for you guys) that I have almost DOUBLED my library.  Now I don’t personally have a problem with this, except for the fact that it is making me extremely poor.  As a college student this poses a problem.  I have been graced by the book gods with the magical websites of , and (it’s like book depostitory and book outlet had a book baby and allowed it to create a mystical book buying place, seriously check it out), as well as my libraries book sales, and this has created a monster. SO! For the next little bit here I’m going to be on a book buying ban and I will be instating the TBR JAR! *oohs and ahhhs*

The TBR Jar is a magical idea that has been floating around booktube for some time. The purpose of this jar is to take a list of all the books you have on your shelf that you haven’t read and need to be read.  So along with having book challenge books thrown in with my TBR list there will also be a book from the TBR jar on the list as well!

In other exciting news the videos will be on a much more regular basis! There will be a wrap-up video at the end of each month, a TBR and start of the month video at, well the start of the month, as well as some reviews and/or challenges every other week! So stay tuned for that exciting development!


4 thoughts on “The Post Where I Admit I Have A Problem (Maybe Not)

  1. So, I knew that the point of this post is to talk about how you don’t want to get broke fast by buying books, and so you might hate me for this…buuuuut…there’s this totally awesome book site: where you can find some great deals, also. Lots of books sell in the 2 dollar range, with free shipping! 0_0

    But also, the book jar idea sounds awesome. I totally want to do that.

      • Oh, okay, yes, if you don’t want to spend money then it’s not the place to be, haha. Yes, I was looking at and it looks a lot like Abe books. Great, now I have two places to tempt me, haha 🙂

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