BOOK REVIEW: First Comes Love

First Comes Love by Katie Kacvinsky

Goodreads Review: 5/5 stars (If I could give this book more I definitely would!)

I will be the first to admit that when my sister gifted me this book I was a bit wary.  We have such different reading preferences that I figured I probably wouldn’t enjoy this book as much as she thought I would, especially since the back panel description makes the book sound just a little bit cheesy (I mean most new adult or adult romance books have really corny descriptions).  But I was so incredibly wrong.

Dylan and Gray, the two main characters are complete opposites.  Dylan is a girl who loves to travel, wants to see the world and discover her place. Dylan keeps to himself mostly until he meets Dylan during the summer on campus.  Through their adventures and sharing stories Dylan starts to knock down Gray’s walls and Gray learns to open up to someone again.

I adore that this author was willing to give an accurate portrayal of what relationship are really like, hard work, and not rainbows and unicorns and flowers like some books tend to portray.  She was willing to strip it down to it’s bare bones and build it back up and in the end I think that is what made me fall in love with these characters throughout this book.  I found little pieces of myself in Dylan and in Gray and allowed myself to connect emotionally with both of the characters.  Throughout this book you will experience love, humor and heartbreak and it will all be so wonderfully written that you won’t even mind that your emotions are being thrown left and right.

I would definitely recommend this book!



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