BOOK REVIEW: Allegiant

Goodreads Review! 3.5/5 stars (Goodreads won’t let me do half stars, SAD DAY!)

This book. GAH THIS BOOK! I don’t know whether I am upset over the ending or if I am upset with the developments that occur in this book!  As always the reviews that I post here are spoiler free.  Especially for this book, where the spoiler for the ending would make the rest of the trilogy almost not worth reading based on the developments of the ending.  There are so many things that happen in this last book that were intense and important.  However some of them were hard to keep track of because of the shifting of perspective that happens in this book.  The perspective that the story is told from changes between Four and Tris, but it remains in the first person story telling style.  I did enjoy this book for the most part and flew through it like I did with the first two books.  The fact that I am upset with the ending of this book will not deter me from buying the novella series for Four that is coming out quite soon!  There will be a video up tomorrow (or later this week depending on time) with more details on my reaction to this series and the individual books!  So look forward to that! 😀


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