Book Review: A Discovery of Witches

THIS BOOK THOUGH! Magic, romance, and historical knowledge all in one book?! What is this? It must be lies! This book was so well written I’ve read it so many times there is now a permanent crease in the cover of the book! Needless to say I’m excited for when book three of this series comes out later this year!
Commence the spoilers!!

 Diana is my typical female lead in most of the books I read.  I don’t like books with damsels in distress characters all the time (granted the occasional one isn’t going to kill me 😉 ).  She’s spunky, independent, and most of all utterly hates doing what she is supposed to do with her life.  Her entire career is based on the fact that she refuses to be the witch she is. Magic is something she actively avoids and wholehearted denies as part of who she is as a person.  The small times she allows magic to be used are for a washing machine malfunction and getting a book off a “too-high” shelf.

Insert a brooding vampire figure.  Matthew displays the typical vampire characteristics except he doesn’t sparkle *cough cough* Twilight *cough cough* and he spends most of his time researching history and wolves (so many connections!).  His family is large and extended, and I will say Ysabeau is one of my favorite characters once you begin meeting all of Matthew’s family.

This love story isn’t typical, and it isn’t conventional and that’s why I enjoy it.  Everything about Matthew and Diana as a couple is traditionally wrong, even without the standards that are introduced in the book.  And somehow they are the most stable couple in the entirety of this series.

I also really enjoy the writing style of this author!  She took the time to describe the settings, the character, and the ideas behind the story just enough to draw the reader in without boring us and scaring us away with going to far into detail.  There is a very fine line between knowing enough to make you want to know more, and knowing so much you just don’t care about it anymore.  This author found the line and found the perfect distance away to keep the reader begging for more information throughout this book!

This book is definitely one I would recommend picking up if you haven’t already!

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