What’s On My Shelf? | October TBR

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted a What’s On My Shelf for you guys!  So here in the month of October I have decided to make the effort to make it a regular (and by regular I mean monthly) thing!  As always I will post a link to Barnes and Noble on the book title and a link to Amazon on the author’s name.  If you have read any of these books feel free to let me know in the comments and tell me what you thought of them.

1. Carrie by Stephen King

2. Splintered by A.G. Howard

3. Abarat by Clive Barker

4. After by Anna Todd **I received this book from Gallery Books as an ARC for review**

I will also be reading PRISM as a part of a blog tour!  The review for that book will be up on October 29th so keep an eye out for that!  Feel free to let me know what you guys will be reading this month, I’m quite curious!

BOOK REVIEW | Adventure Time Crafts


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Rating: 5/5 stars

**I received this book as a part of the Blogging for Books program.**

As a crafter and an Etsy shop owner this book was magnificent!  The organization of the book made it easy to follow and allowed for each of the crafts to be located quickly and without any hassle.

The crafts represented a large enough variety that it included multiple types of crafts and was helpful to people whether they sewed, created trinkets with Polymer clay or crocheted.  I really enjoyed the fact that there was a variety of different craft types and that each craft was unique.
That being said the one thing that I LOVED about this craft book was that the instructions for each craft were concise and easy to follow.  When I look up patterns for crafts one of the main things that helps me determine which pattern to use is how easy it is to understand the instructions.  This book gave instructions that are easy to follow for those new to each particular type of craft as well as simple for those who are just looking for a quick pattern instructions.  I liked the fact that this book was inclusive to all skill levels and made sure that the crafts involved didn’t cater specifically to experts or beginners.  I also thought it was a good idea to put the actual pattern in the back of the book along with how large they need to be copied in order to fit the instructions.
Overall I was extremely pleased with this craft book and will definitely be using it very frequently to create wonderful items for myself and my friends!

Book Life Tag

I’m here to bring you another wonderful book blog tag!  This tag is the Book Life tag and it was created by Jayne over at Booking Awesome. I was tagged to do this by Alma from Diary of a Booklover.  So let’s get started!

1. Who would you like to be your parents?

I would have to say Molly and Arthur Weasley!  These two are so incredibly brilliant and teach there children so well.  They embrace everyone into their family while also being obsessively protective over people who they consider family.  Also badass Molly in the last book is just magical.  Literally and figuratively.

2. What book character would you like to have as a sister?

Dylan from the First Comes Love trilogy.  The fact that Dylan is so adventurous and outgoing would be awesome.  I love the fact that when she sees something that she wants to do she just does it.  I also think she brings out the best in everyone around her and that would be a great quality for a sister to have.

3. What about a brother?

Maybe Fred or George Weasley?  I kind of just want to be adopted into the Weasley clan.

4. What animal would you like to have as a pet? This animal can exist in real life or can be a mystical creature like a dragon and does not have to be the pet in a book.

Horse. Or a unicorn.  Anything that resembles a horse is something I would definitely be game for.  I’m a horse obsessed girl what can I say?

5. What book location would you like to live in?

I would love to live in Ysabeau’s “castle” from the Discovery of Witches trilogy.  Seriously the library in that place sounds massive and amazing!

6. What school form a novel would you like to be enrolled in?

I grew up on Harry Potter and want to be an honorary Weasley child.  Is it really a surprise to anyone when I say Hogwarts?  I’m still waiting on my letter.

7. Pick a fictional job.

This is a hard one.  I think maybe a tattoo artists for the Dauntless?  Maybe?  I’m not really sure on this one.

8. Best friend?

Hermonie Granger or possibly Diana Bishop.  Both women are smart, independent and exceptionally strong.  I would definitely say that these are two of my favorite female characters in books.

9. What book character would be your worst enemy?

Any of the council members from the Discovery of Witches trilogy.  They represent ignorance and the idea that if something isn’t really that broken it shouldn’t be fixed.  They are the old fashion counter part is a book about embracing new things.

10. What book character would you pick as you boyfriend/girlfriend?

Matthew de Clermont.  That man is just terribly attractive and very protective not only over the woman he loves but all of the women in his life.  Even though he can go a bit overboard at times he is only doing it because he doesn’t want to lose them.  Which is a sweet and admirable characteristic for him to have.

I tag all of you guys to do this post!  If you decide to do it leave a link in the comments below so I can see what your book family would look like!

Top 5 Wednesday | Terrible Covers

Top 5 Wednesday is a Goodreads group that was created by Lainey from gingerreadslainey!  I highly encourage checking out the group and looking at some of the upcoming topics.  Even if you don’t put out videos on YouTube you can do blog posts and such about the topics!  What are some of your least favorite covers?  I’ve definitely seen some pretty interesting ones throughout the day today.

BOOK REVIEW | The Happiness of Pursuit


**I received this book for review through the Blogging for Books program**

5/5 stars

Find the Book!

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“A remarkable book that will both guide and inspire, The Happiness of Pursuit reveals how anyone can bring meaning into their life by undertaking a quest.”

This book is a brilliant work of art.  I was so happy that I was given the opportunity to read it and it definitely didn’t disappoint me! The Happiness of Pursuit is a book that inspires people to go on a quest.  To pursue the things in their life that bring them happiness and fulfill a part of who they are.  I honestly believe that this book is helpful to people who are and aren’t on quests in their life.  For those who are this book provides inspiration and the drive to continue.  For those who aren’t this book provides the push and determination they may need to get started.

The writing in the book was brilliantly written.  It provided examples from the author’s experiences as well as those from case studies.  I was incredibly pleased with this book and will definitely be finding more by Chris Guillebeau!
If you haven’t read this book, pick it up!  Go on an adventure!  Find your quest and your happiness! And then tell everyone you know to pick up this book and read it as well!

Back to School Tag!

Now that we are officially several weeks into school (whether it be college or high school)  I think it’s quite appropriate to do this tag!

This tag was created by Athena from Into the Mind of a Reader and I was tagged by Alma from Diary of a Booklover.  So let’s do this!

1. You’ve just started back and your workload has already increased. Which short book would you read that wouldn’t take up too much time?

I would probably read my copy of The Complete Collection of Poetry from Edgar Allen Poe.  Either that or some Emily Dickinson poetry.  Both of these writers/poets are some of my favorites and no matter how many times I read their work it never gets old.  If you haven’t picked up anything by either of these two I would highly recommend it!

2. You are in English class and your teacher says you will be spending the lesson reading an assigned book. What book did you have to read for school, but ended up really enjoying?

I honestly didn’t like most of the books I had to read for school.  Being forced to read something really turns me off from it and makes me less likely to enjoy the book.  However I would have to say that it would be a time between The Importance of Being Earnest and Brave New World (which originally I disliked and now have grown rather fond of).

3. You and your friends have had an argument and you are feeling quite upset. What book never fails to cheer you up?

Anything by Sarah Dessen.  Mainly The Truth About Forever or This Lullaby.  But honestly Sarah Dessen.

4. You’ve been given detention. What book do you wish you have that could pass the time?

I think I would want either one of the books from the Discovery of Witches trilogy or the second book in the Percy Jackson series because I should really finish that.

5. The bell rings for lunch time! Name a food from a book you would love to try.

Most of the books that I read have normal human food so I’m not sure.  Maybe something from Victorian London era?  I’m assuming that there might be some different types of food from then that I wouldn’t come across nowadays?  I could be totally wrong here.

6. You have a ton of homework to do and one of your assignments is to write a short story. What author’s writing style do you most enjoy reading?

So I’m going to stick with the short story theme here and say Edgar Allen Poe.  His short stories are just so darn creepy and awesome!  I wish I could pack that much description into one story and have it be that amazing!

7. Uh oh, exam time! The nerves are getting to you. Which book do you read to calm yourself down?

Well honestly I don’t know if I have a book that would calm me down.  I tend to only do study books or whatever I’m reading at the time of the exam.  So I suppose right now that would be Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas.

8. You did amazingly well on your exams and are given some money as a reward. What book(s) do you rush out to buy?

As You Wish by Cary Elwes is coming out next month.  If I did well on my exams that would be the book I grabbed without a doubt.  That or possibly Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell because that book was adorable and I loved it! Also, I wouldn’t mind getting money as a reward for doing well on exams!

9. Summer is almost upon us. What book do you read to get you into the mood for the fun and excitement that summer brings?

Once again anything Sarah Dessen!  Those books have always been my go to books and will probably continue to be for many years to come.


Well that was my Back to School Book Tag!  If you enjoyed this post go ahead and do one of your own!

Reasons To Read | Banned Books Week

This week is banned books week.  All over the world and throughout time books have been banned or challenged for the content they house.  Books like Auldous Huxley’s Brave New World and Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games are on the list of books that parents and community members have expressed concern about.

Some of the most popular reasons for a book to be challenge are:

  • The content is unsuited for the age group reading it
  • There is sexually explicit content
  • There is violent content
  • The book contains scenes of drug and alcohol abuse
  • The book represents and ideal that is anti-family or anti-ethnic (what does anti-family even mean though!)

So this week I decided to focus on my Top 5 Favorite Banned Books on my vlog and my top 5 reasons to read on here!

1. Reading allows people to explore new cultures and religions.

Lets be honest, most of us will never be able to be world travelers. I have dreamed of standing in Monet’s garden and under the Eiffel Tower since I was a little girl.  Books have allowed me to travel to the Eiffel Tower in spirit.  Especially for young children books open up the world in ways they could have never imagined.  As for the religion aspect, this one is self-explanatory.  People learn about other cultures and religions through many things like art and books.

2.  Books create a safe place for children and adults alike.

One of the major reasons I got into reading as a child was to escape from reality and be free to dream.  Books remove the boundaries we place on each other and allow people to soar and be free.  Reading creates a “safe world” where bullies, parents and the stress of life don’t exist.  This is definitely something that plays more into the life of children than adults I think.  Children can use reading to free their minds in an environment that won’t judge them for their thoughts or dreams.  A book cannot judge you for what you feel or think while reading it’s pages.

3. Reading fosters dreaming.

This point goes right along with the last one.  By creating a place where children feel safe and adults don’t have to worry about the stressors around them, we are free to dream and create.  We can be a world class jockey riding Man O War, we can be a wizard at Hogwarts.  We can be the explorer in the wild or the girl experience love and their first kiss.  Reading allows us to open our minds and share thoughts and feelings we might not have otherwise.

4. Books foster acceptance and love for different lifestyles, including things like religion and sexual orientation.

I am incredible passionate about the fact that books bring children and adults face to face with lifestyles they might not encounter in everyday life or lifestyles that they might not be educated about.  Books allow children to be exposed to the idea that everyone is different and that is okay.  Literature teaches adults that people are people regardless of their choices and every human deserves basic respect.


Does this one really need any explanation?


These are my reasons for reading and why I think it’s so important that everyone all around the world be exposed to literature and why authors shouldn’t be reprimanded for exposing readers to new and interesting things.  Sound off below on why you think reading is important!